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Monday, June 7, 2010

Starting up my Etsy Shop

Okay, guys.  So after months of sewing, giving things away, then sewing some more, I finally feel like I have enough product to actually start my own Etsy shop.  That, and summer vacation starts for me tomorrow when I finish tying up loose ends at school so I'll have lots of time to sew and knit.

So, I was all ready, today, to put some items up for sale when it occurred to me that I'm not sure how to price them! I looked at similar items selling on Etsy to see what they sell for but the prices varied from $10-$35 and I just don't know what would be best!

Here are samples of the things I'm currently selling (in various sizes).



Top row--two different wool soaker patterns.  
* The one on the left is a triangle that is sewn into a cover once it's completed.  It's the simpler and easier of the two patterns I currently use.  I'd say it takes me about 2 hours to knit if I were to knit it in one sitting.  It's hard to really know, though, since I never sit down and knit continuously. 

*The one on the right with the leg cuffs is knit as a whole piece--there is no sewing that takes place--and it's slightly more difficult to knit and more time consuming.  I'd say it takes me about 4 hours to knit if I were to knit it in one sitting.  Again, it's hard to know since I never sit down and knit continuously.

I don't think a single soaker will pass by me without some adorable applique added to the butt.  Here I've added a simple smiley face and some ruffles.  I also have some with polka dots and one with stripes.

Then, there's the matter of different sizes.  Should I vary the price from S-M-L?

Bottom Row--two fitted diapers with different closures.

*The diaper on the left has velcro closures with laundry flaps so they will never catch in the wash due to tired laundry tabs.

*The diaper on the right has snap closures (thanks to Kamsnaps.com!)

Should I vary the price between velcro and snaps?

Should I vary the price from S-M-L?

So, I need to know what price you think I should ask for each:
1) Triangle  soaker
2) Circular soaker
3) Velcro fitted
4) snapping fitted

Thanks for your time!

And yes, I will probably do a giveaway soon. I'll probably give away one of my fitteds.   Maybe after the Kamsnaps giveaway ends.  I don't like to do more than one giveaway at a time :-D.


saskia said...

you've got to price what feels good to you- it hurts like crazy to sell something for nothing- I know... that is why I raised my prices- I look at what is out there, I compare my stuff to theirs, their prices, etc. and that is how I come up with my price. The hard thing with etsy is the paypal fees and the etsy fees, they aren't huge, but those dollars add up. I think you have enough exposure on your blog, that you probably don't have to do a giveaway to get your name out there- facebook is also THE BEST for getting your name out there. I get business every week. I also pray for the Lord to guide people to me that want my products. let me know what else you want to know

Jessica said...

Well, I'm no expert, by any means....especially since I didn't determine the prices on the things we're selling. Christine did that part.

Despite that, though, I do have my opinions, more as a consumer than as a vendor.

I wouldn't vary the price for different sizes. Usually it seems like the prices are the same for things unless it's like XXXXL or something. =)

Could you start your prices a little lower than some, just to get some business and to get people to know you, and then if you need to raise them later, you can? Would that work?

It seems to me - from what you've said about velcro wearing out and all - that snaps should be a little more expensive. BUt I don't know.

I don't feel like I'm helping.... I hope some of your other cloth diapering readers can help. =/

amanda said...

hmmm. i say for the sized dipes, just keep it the same price. makes it easier for you, and the person buying them. you could also offer 'package' deals...i'm more apt to buy something if i can get three for even a few dollars cheaper. but that's just me! i do think that snapped should cost more than the velcro, but not a lot. maybe a dollar or two. nothing more than that.
as far as the soakers go, i'm not much help! sorry!!
if you're interested when you start up the store, i'd love to sponsor a giveaway for you. or even just exposure for you on my blog! the more people who know the better!! maybe we could trade a diaper for some wildtree? i've done that for a few others. :)