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Thursday, June 24, 2010

FAQ: How many diapers do I need in my stash?

One of the most common questions I hear about cloth diapering is "How many diapers do I need?" 
Well, the answer to that can range from 12-36 or even more if you're like me and are somewhat of a cloth diapering enthusiast. 

For Newborns: 24-36 for full time cloth diapering because they require more diaper changes.

Toddlers: 12-24 for full time cloth diapering because their diaper needs to be changed less frequently.

Part Time
  I think 12 is a good number of cloth diapers to have if you're only going to use them part time (as in, you use disposables at night, with your sitter, or when you leave the house, etc.)

More than one in Diapers: I feel you'd need at least 36 diapers if you want to cloth diaper two babies at once full time.  48 is a more generous number because you'll get a laundry break!

Type of Diaper
  If you have sized diapers, you'll need to repeat the number of diapers needed for each size.  That would be 12-36 XS diapers, 12-36 S diapers, etc.  If you buy One Size diapers, you'll only need to buy your stash once.  There are positives and negatives to doing both. 

What do you think?  Do you agree with these numbers? Did I leave anything out?  How often do you cloth diaper?  How many babies do you have in diapers and how old are they?  How many diapers do you have/need in your stash and why?  I'm not the only cloth diapering "expert" (ha!) out there, so I'd love to get your expert advice as well.


saskia said...

I used 12 diapers for my one child for 3 plus years. I just washed everyday with all the other laundry. I think 12 is a good start even if you do cloth diaper 100%, it just means you wash daily. I guess I do tons of laundry here, so it's no biggie. I also think the best kind of diaper to get is the kind that fits from 8-35 pounds. Those are the kind I use, much more cost effective. When I had Cody I had a bunch of "diapers" I made out of flannel blankets, and I had about 5 plastic covers, I was broke that is all I could afford and someone gave me the covers. THey had velcro for a closure. Then I tried Vilate's diapers and fell and love and worked into getting them. I haven't bought disposables in months. So really, I think 12 is a great number to start out with even if it is full time.

Jill said...

Do you agree with these numbers?
-12 may be too low, most people don't want to do laundry that often and you never can tell when you'll end up with 2 or 3 poops in a row and have to hurry and wash. When I used 15 for a small baby, I never could get them turned around in time.

Did I leave anything out?
-There are different types of diapers that would allow for more changes/quicker changes, like prefolds-you could easily scrub one in the tub/sink really quick and toss it in the dryer to have a spare, lol! Pockets are harder to do that with!

How often do you cloth diaper? -about every 2 hours give or take! Sorry, I mean, FULL TIME!

How many babies do you have in diapers and how old are they?
-1, and I hope to have her PT before we have another baby (not pg yet, she is 2o months today!)

How many diapers do you have/need in your stash and why? -Check out the Cloth Diaper Whisperer post today, and then add at least 4 to that number, lol! Here's a hint, I am approaching triple digits, but that includes a lot of ones that are outgrown. I would say 1 kid requires 24-30 and 2 36-48 min to give you a chance to catch up on laundry. But you could start out lower and then add a few more to make sure your wash times come out right!

SAPsMaMa said...

I think you should add with daycare you need more. we use about 24 easy to use velcro diapers just for daycare and 30 for home use (24 day, 6 night for 3 day wash cycle). I also like to have 12 prefolds for emergencies and potty training help and at least 2 covers. I know it seems liek alot but with the deals I get on them and we do go through them all it's what our family needs!

Carrie said...

I have had 2 in cloth for the past year, now (finally!) moving to just one in cloth. Kids are 3.5 and 1.5 years old. I have mixed stash that has grown since I started with cloth when my eldest was born. I think that my stash was just about right when both were in cloth at the same time, and now I have more diapers than I can fit in my diaper drawer.

I currently have in my rotation about 24 prefolds, 8 medium covers, 3 large covers, 14 or so bumgenius one size, 3 fuzzibunz one size, and a new mother-ease sandys fitted and cover. (so, 42 diapers?) I have a box full of smaller prefolds and covers that I've used in the newborn stage. Washing every other day is about right for us.

For most of the last year, we used cloth only for daytime, but I'm getting back into nighttime diapering. I tend to use the prefolds for general daytime, and one-size diapers for sleep and travel.

I would say your numbers are about right!