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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have an Etsy Shop!!!

I finally did it! I made an etsy shop! Check it out here.

I'm still new to this and I've only uploaded 5 of the items I want to sell.  I'm not sure how to put the pictures of my shop up on my sidebar yet, or really how to do anything else! I figured I'd just start with a few items so I can figure out how things work before listing them all :-)  Honestly, though, It just took me a long time to upload those items so that's why there are only 5.  I have at least 8 more things if not more I want to put up for sale, currently! I've been working on them for awhile now! :-D

So, here are the 5 wool soakers I uploaded:
  This little guy is a medium wool soaker in neutral colors.  It's made from the triangle pattern. I listed it for $23.  Eventually I might price these higher, but $23 isn't breaking the bank right now because I got the wool on sale.  Anyway, I'm just testing the waters.  This one was pretty easy to knit.  The smiley face is my little crowning jewel on the guy.  I'm going to try to put some sort of applique on all my soakers from now on! I love love LOVE blinged out little baby buts!

Here's the other one with that pattern:
This one's a Large wool soaker in boy/neutral colors.  It does not have an applique because it was the first one I made to sell.  (I practiced on my daughter a couple of times first--this pattern isn't my favorite, but it fits her great so it's my favorite to put on her!)  There are just two stripes on the back.  I listed it for $20. 

This is what pattern for the two soakers pictured above looks like on my daughter.  Very broad in the buttocks. 
Here's a medium soaker in girly colors.  It's a different pattern that I listed for $25.  Honestly I think it's worth more, but for now $25 suits me just fine. 
This one's a small in girly colors.  It would be good for bringing home baby, I think.  Not for preemies, though. 

Here's another medium in neutral colors. 

That's it for now! I'm going to try to work on uploading my Tshirt fitted diapers later today.  I think I'm going to charge $7 for the velcro and $8 for the snaps.  I feel that's a fair price, and lower than most fitteds. 

So, if you're in the market for a wool soaker, come check me out!


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BabeeLove said...

Congrats! I wish you plenty of success :)