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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just joined twitter. My name is "Clothdiapermommy" except it says "Clothdiapermomm" on my tweet site. What???
But I have NO IDEA what to do or how to use it.  Can anyone help me?  Friend me?  Or something? I'm so lost! Why don't people just stick to Facebook?
I resisted Twitter for so long and now that I've given in, I"m clueless!


Jill said...

I just followed you. I'm @teamshoemaker and my blog is


get involved in one of the twitter events and you will catch on!

saskia said...

i'm still clueless to- i use mine for giveaways, I have one that's private that I use with my mom and daughter

whocg23 said...

you are not really alone in that. I really only tweet stuff when people give me the tweet itself. And I only do it as an entry in a giveaway. I mean I did also sign up for sponsored tweets, but that is to get a little extra money (little as it may be).
with the name thing, the only thing I can think of is that maybe you ran out of usable characters. they probably have a limit to the number of letters and numbers you can use. my twitter id is whocg23.

simplymerry said...

(forgot to subscribe. there)

simplymerry said...

Twitter tutorial. :)

Your twitter name is clothdiapermomm because you can't have any more letters. 15 is the limit.

Since you're already following me, you can go to my twitter page (you can also just type in twitter.com/simplymerrier) and go through my followers and following to find people you know and diaper companies you want to follow. click follow.

How the whole following/followers thing works is... you go to twitter.com, and it will show you the latest "tweets" from those you are following. You can click "more" at the bottom to look through older ones, just like on facebook.

So that's why you follow - to see their "tweets". Those who follow you will see your "tweets" in their twitter homepage.

If you go to twitter.com/clothdiapermomm, that will show you your latest tweets. (this is the same page as "profile" on the top right bar).

And, yes, twitter is a kind of mini-facebook status thing. Part of the advantage is that's all it is. Just statuses. And you feel less guilty for spamming it. ;)

You can also do direct messages... I'll send you one in a moment. Once you get it, it should be pretty easy to figure out how to do it. You can only send direct messages to someone who is following you. So if you're following someone, but they're not following you... they can send you a direct message (DM), but you can't send them one. Weird, I know.

As far as the @ and #... @ is to mention someone. Like my welcoming message to you. I included @clothdiapermomm in my status, so when you go to "mentions" on the sidebar, you will see my tweet that mentioned you.

# is called a hashtag. Like #clothdiapers ... you can click on #clothdiapers on someone's tweet and see the latest tweets of everyone (not just your followers/following) who has mentioned #clothdiapers in their tweets.

On the homepage, you will see near the bottom of the sidebar "trending worldwide", which will list what the most used hashtags are.

You might have heard that during the #diapershops twitter party, we got #diapershops to be #4 trending. whoot! so anyone at all on twitter who happened to look at their homepage would see #diapershops listed there. Talk about promoting. 8)

Twitter parties are kind of a weird chatroom-of-sorts thing. With many attendants it's terribly hard to keep up with what everyone's saying, but if you use a twitter party page, you can keep track of what the host is saying (such as if they say to answer a question to win a prize).

If you go to tweetgrid.com, you can click on parties. Then type in your hashtag... you can do #clothdiapers or #bfcafe, for example. Then type in the party hoster (or just to try it out, @bumGenius is a frequent #clothdiapers host, and @zealandsmom is the #bfcafe host). Then type in your twitter name clothdiapermomm. It will now bring you to a three column page where you can watch simultaneously (left to right) 1. the tweets of everyone using the hashtag you selected; 2. the tweets of the host you selected; and 3. your tweets and anyone who has mentioned you.

feel free to ask questions...here (i'll subscribe to comments) or on twitter or facebook or wherever's convenient. :)

simplymerry said...

oh, wait. it doesn't have "mentions" on your sidebar. it just says "@clothdiapermomm"... again, those will be the tweets of anyone who's mentioned you in their tweet.

simplymerry said...

i just made some of my lists public. So you can see them on my profile page twitter.com/simplymerrier (click "lists" on the sidebar)
that'll help you find most of the cloth diapering people you'll want to follow. Like diapershops and rumparooz and ecomommedia (<-- the host of many #clothdiapers parties)

alinatmom said...

I have no idea what I am doing either. I took over Josh's account that he never used in order to get extra entries in contest but thats all I use it for.

Ida Mae said...

I friended you on twitter :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I think Mary (Simplymerry) pretty well covered it. =)
So, I am following you now! @JacobsenFamily
Welcome to twitter!