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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BumGenius and a Sunhat

The Children's Place near where I live has amazing sales.  I went there recently and got 3 or four outfits for $16 or something--the most expensive thing I bought being a $3.50 pair of sunglasses to protect my daughter's amazing and sensitive blue eyes.  Go figure, she refuses to wear them.  I also got this ADORABLE sunhat for only $1.99!  It happens to match my moonbeam bumGenius perfectly so I decided to do a photo shoot just because.  Enjoy!
 Ooops! Time to go inside!


simplymerry said...


she is so adorable.

amanda said...

that hat matches so well! and cute pictures. even the crying one. :0) i also LOVE the mother's day pics. congrats on being an 'official' blogger for the cloth diaper blog too!

Mom of FIVE said...

She is absolutely adorable! I believe she is near the same age as my twins (6 mths)but being a month early they have yet to master the art of sitting.

BabeeLove said...

The Children's Place is awesome to shop for great deals...I Love it! What's even better is that you found a matching hat to the dipe! LOVE it! She is adorable :O)

Orange Pattern said...

How cute! Love the progression of emotions.