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Monday, May 17, 2010

Diaper Junction Loot!

Thanks to a bunch more posts at Diaper Junction, I got some more, free loot!!!

1. Yellow OS Tweedlebugs for my friend at church.
1. Size 1 orchid Thirsties duo wrap for my chiropractor's expecting wife (I'm currently collecting a "starting out" stash for them)
1. Size 2 mango Thirsties Duo Wrap for my daughter.
1. Fuzzi Bunz OS diaper in Crushed Berries (have mentioned how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fuzzi Bunz???)
3. Fuzzi Bunz super cloth maxi pads (also love them!)

And, if you didn't read it in my Guest Blogger post last week, I'm now an official blogger for Diaper Junction's The Cloth Diaper Blog! I'm super excited about it! This means lots more free stash for me, plus an opportunity to help support my family just a little bit more.  God has really blessed me.

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