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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Pictures

First we took a family portrait.  Since no one was there to do it for us, it was a long process of setting timer, letting the picture take (and hoping Bunny would look, which she rarely did as she was quite enchanted with my flower) and then walking back to see if it was good, setting the timer again, and repeating the process.

On a side note, since this was my first Mother's Day, it was the first day I got to wear a flower given to all the Mommies in my church! Yay!!!
A couple more tries.
Picture with daddy, but she wasn't too excited about the camera.
And some pictures with Mommy, since Mommy's almost always behind the camera, and today is Mommy's day!
Aren't baby kisses the best?

Playtime with Daddy! Normally it's Mommy who does this type of thing and Daddy who asks Mommy to please be careful.  We've switched typical gender roles, I know. 
Daddy, what is that wonderful thing around your neck?
I must eat it!
Mommy got an iPhone from Daddy and Bunny.  This was ALL Daddy's idea!
Bunny was pretty excited about playing with the box, though!

Naptime before playtime. Oh, the blessed peace of cuddles with my little Bunny! Heaven on earth!
Time to go to the park!
This seating arrangement seemed appropriate.

And to end it all off--ICE CREAM!


Ida Mae said...

What a fun day! you little Bunny is so cute!
~Ida Mae

One Southern Girl said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with us! :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Great pictures! She did really well considering her age! And ice cream... YUM! How do you like your new iPhone?! Lucky you!!