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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why I cloth diaper

I'm the oldest of seven children. That means that I did a LOT of dirty diapers before I ever hit puberty. In fact, I've always loved to tell people that I changed diapers straight from the age of 7 until the age of 17. That's no lie. Oddly enough, I remember changing cloth diapers. Of course, back then what my mom used was a prefold diaper washed and delivered to her weekly by the diaper service. I couldn't have been very old but I remember clearly the scent of a new load of fresh diapers delivered to our doorstep. I remember the man dressed in a white uniform bringing them to us with a smile. I remember how at the age of seven I was very adept with a diaper pin and I only ever pricked a baby once. I also remember how awkward cloth diapers could be and how leaky, but the good memories outweigh the bad ones.

So, when I found out I was pregnant nearly a year ago, I decided I had enough prior experience to conquer the cloth diapering thing again. I had no idea how cloth diapering has changed. I went into the baby store and saw the packages of gerber pre-folds and the rubber pants that go with them and thought that pre-folded diapers would be my only option. Thanks to a dear friend who diapered her infant with Fuzzi Bunz, I soon discovered there were other more convenient, more cute, and more functional ways to save money by diapering with cloth.

Hence began my quest.

I registered for three sizes of Kushies diapers on my Babies R Us registry and no one who looked at the registry took me seriously because I wasn't given any of them. Dismayed by the high cost of the new cloth diapers I resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably be using pre-folds.

On September 9th I had my first baby, a wonderful 9+ pound baby girl and my friend came to visit with the best new baby gift ever--three One Sized bumGenius diapers, and a coupon for Diapers.com to get $10 off my next order of diapers ($50 or more). Almost the moment I came home from the hospital I went to said website and bought three more diapers. Granted, I had to call into their help desk to get them to apply the coupon to my order since I bought cloth diapers and not disposables. But they applied it and for $43 and no shipping (Diapers.com graciously waives shipping for orders over $50) and my diapers came the next business day.

(If you'd like to do the same at diapers.com, use this code: BECC7547, but remember, you'll have to call the number and ask them to apply the $10 off)

With a stash of six cloth diapers it was easy to see that if I bought the diapers little by little then I'd have a good sized stash in no time.

I'm now up to 17 diapers with 2 more on their way from Kellyscloset.com. I currently have 2 Smartipants, 2 Happy Heinys, and 13 bumGenius diapers--all one size. They all have their pros and cons but over all I'm a huge fan!

I'm also learning that there are lots of different websites out there where I can get my diapers and there's even a store about a half hour from me that has them new and used. There's something great about being able to go online and actually HANDLE what you are about to buy :-D.

In any case, my daughter is nearly two months old and I feel like an old pro. Sort of. I'm currently struggling with stripping diapers that have built up detergent residue on them. That, and the fact that my daughter has just started soaking through the newborn inserts so I'm trying to find a slimmer alternative. I'm about to experiment with some hemp!!! But I'm sort of enjoying the journey--weird as it sounds. I'm absolutely in love with cloth!!!

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