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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket Diaper--The Verdict is In!!!

So, I've been using my new Fuzzi Bunz for almost a week now, and after my initial dislike of the diaper, I have to say it's grown on me and is now my favorite diaper!

The Pros:
1) It has the softest inner layer of fleece ever! Even after washing it's still soft despite the natural pilling of the fabric.
2) The three snaps give the waistline a unique fit. The bottom snap is the "hip snap" according to fuzzibunz.com, and gives the diaper a more customized fit.
3) There are no snaps in the rise. My daughter is at a weird stage in between the smallest and the medium size so sometimes when I'm putting her in any of her other one size diapers they sometimes pop open.
4) I have to say, despite the fact that it is difficult to size at first, the adjustable elastics in the legs and the waist are wonderful once adjusted. Ideally, you'll only have to adjust it every time your baby has a growth spurt, and it guarantees the best fit possible. However, to make things easier, you can go to fuzzibunz.com where they have suggested guidelines for which button holes to use for sizing different babies.
5) The diaper has a high rise.
6) It line dries easily due to the fact that there is no velcro and no snaps in the rise.
8) Durability--snaps will endure repeated diaperings longer than velcro will, and should the elastics wear out, the diaper pack comes with a second set!
9) The insert is incredibly soft and thick.
10) ONE diaper for all your baby's stages of diapering development.

The Cons
1) The insert is thick--it could be bulky if you have to use a doubler
2) Though they do provide a great fit, the snaps can take a bit longer to fasten than velcro or even other snapped diapers.
3) There is a lot of extra PUL fabric between my two month old daughter's legs right now--it doesn't make the diaper any more bulky because she's on the smallest size, but it might be a problem for some.
4) My daughter's 12+ pounds and I can't imagine the diaper fitting a baby much smaller than that well.
5) The adjustable elastics are hard to figure out at first, and somewhat complicated.


Pumpkin Bear said...

Those pictures of your daughter are totally adorable! I am going to buy a fuzzi bunz diaper and I can't decide if I want to buy a medium or the one size.

Jessica said...

These are the ones I used on Leah! I loved them, but cloth diapering just wasn't for us. They're crazy cute, aren't they?

Love the new blog, by the way! Go, you! You really ARE into this, aren't you?

Weezer said...

My goodness! I don't know of very many babies who could pull off a color of orange like that (is it really orange?) with such pizzazz! I love seeing how she's growing.