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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So for once in my life I decided to take advantage of Black Friday sales from the comfort of my own home. Never again. I thought since I was at home it would be less stressful (I never Black Friday shop because I avoid crowds of competitive people like the plague) than I perceive in person Black Friday shopping to be. So, I tried to take advantage of the Free Flip Diaper System Diaper Junction was offering and exactly at 12:00 midnight on Thanksgiving, I entered my order. It wouldn't accept my credit card--or so it said... because when we looked at our bank, it took it out 7 TIMES!! I frantically contacted them to let them know I just wanted one order. I discovered at 4:30am on Black Friday that the order hadn't gone through AT ALL so I went over to Kelly's Closet and tried to take advantage of their sales--ordering a similar product that I had tried to order at Diaper Junction. But I was too late. I felt stupid because it wasn't really in last weeks budget to order any more diapers and I didn't even get any of the prizes. I'm not doing that again. Sale shopping just doesn't usually work out for me. I don't even know why!

In any case, I am excited about my order. I bought some prefolds--my first! I'll follow them shortly with the order of a Bluberry One Size diaper cover. I think prefolds and diaper covers might be a better way to travel with cloth over Christmas. Also, they're so much cheaper! I'll be sure to report back how it all works out!

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Pumpkin Bear said...

oh no! That sounds stressful. I will be curious to hear what you think of prefolds. I was very hesitant to try them, but they are actually my favorite diapers to use for now.