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Monday, December 14, 2009

After too many stained shirts...

Well, I pretty much prefer cloth for everything. When I was shopping for last minute items in the weeks before my daughter was born, I went out and bought a pack of breast pads, assuming that they were cloth. I only got one pack because there were 40+ pads in the pack and since I knew nothing about breast feeding at the time it didn't occur to me that 40+ breast pads would have taken up much more space :-D. I got them home and realized they were disposables and I was so frustrated! So back to Target I traipsed, and replaced the Gerber disposable breast pads for Gerber cloth. The cloth breast pads came in a little six pack and were the only option for cloth breast pads in the whole breastfeeding aisle. I couldn't believe that there weren't more options!! Surrendering myself to Gerber and wanting to make sure I had plenty, I bought a couple of boxes of them. I was proud of myself as I left the store giving myself a little pat on the back for saving myself the extra expense of buying disposable breast pads week after week. A couple of weeks later I had my daughter and eagerly began using the pads and promptly discovered that my breasts had been converted to faucets and the Gerber breast pads did absolutely nothing to contain the gushing fountains of milk. Yikes! I put up with one after another wet shirt, and even waking up in the middle of the night to find myself sleeping in a puddle of milk during the six weeks of my maternity leave. But I realized that when I went back to work to teach high schoolers for a couple of hours every morning, breast-shaped milk stains on my shirt wouldn't do anything to promote learning, so I caved and bought some disposable breast pads. They did the job all right, containing the mess but it was like wearing a maxi pad on my breast. Like a diaper--a disposable. They got all heavy and weird feeling and after a couple of feedings they bunched up so badly. I just couldn't take it anymore. I went on a mission to search for a waterproof breast pad. I looked at lots and lots of different cloth sites. I read one review after another, but even on my favorite cloth diaper sites, finding breast pads with a waterproof layer was difficult. And then I discovered that Knickernappies makes breastpads with a waterproof layer! Now, I may not be a big fan of the way Knickernappies diapers fit my daughter, but I LOVE the layer of fleece inside them that wicks away moisture and I especially love the microfiber/hemp insert. Now, imagine that against tender nipples and you're starting to get the idea of how much I love my Knickernappies breast pads! Plus, they're a generous 5 inches across. Five as opposed to about three inches that Gerber gave me. Now, for a girl with DDD's, Gerber barely covered anything anyway, but these babies give me full coverage! As soon as they came in the mail, I ordered six pairs from another online store (I would have ordered more from the first except that they only had one in stock), and proceeded to wear the first pair for the three days between when I placed my order and when it arrived. Not once during that time were my nipples damp, cold or wet. I'm sure I leaked because I always do, but I was never reminded of it. I am now hooked on my knickernappies breast pads. They're truly the best thing out there that I've seen! I have the wonderful softness and gentleness that my daughter feels against her most sensitive parts, against mine and I have to say I'm quite pleased!!!

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