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Sunday, December 6, 2009


I was wrong. I wrote an angry post about how my Black Friday shopping didn't pan out because I didn't end up winning the prizes I so eagerly sought for anyway... but I was wrong!!! At Kelly's Closet, they had an amazing deal. The first 10 people to order got a Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diaper. Orders # 11-88 got a variety of other cool prizes and orders 89-100 (I think) got a Grobaby diaper. I would have tried to go for the Fuzzi Bunz had I realized my diaperjunction order hadn't gone through, but I didn't realize that until about 4:30am on Black Friday so I placed my order hoping that the first 100 orders had not gotten through and I could at least get SOMETHING!!! And then I thought I hadn't because I failed to see my name on the list of winners.

So my Indian, unbleached, Premium sized prefolds came last week. And with them.... a GROBABY DIAPER!!!

I was so pleased. The fact that Premium sized prefolds are way too large for my 13lb infant wasn't so bad because it was worth it to get this amazing diaper for FREE! The thing is, Grobaby is unlike any other diaper I've tried. It's sort of like a pocket diaper and a diaper cover combined! If you were to go with all Grobaby diapers it would be cheaper than all pocket diapers becuase you can change the insert a couple of times before having to change the shell! One reason I didn't want to go with Grobaby is that it's a hook and loop closure. But once I received it in the mail, I realized it's a really quality hook and loop closure that will probably last much longer than velcro or applix. Also, the shape of the inserts makes the diapers really trim, and there isn't much bulk between my little baby's legs. I gotta say, Kelly's Closet, that was a brilliant idea to offer free diapers because now that I've tried it, I'm DEFINITELY getting more!! I love it!!!

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Pumpkin Bear said...

I have been tempted to try these because I keep hearing such good things about them. Last night I even noticed that they sell them at Whole Foods now, which I thought was pretty cool. Will you keep us updated on how it holds up? I might just have to splurge!