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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bunny's Village Frock

I saw this dress on one of the sewing blogs I was perusing the other week and fell in love with it.  Problem is, that it is not longer available, as you'd know if you just tried to click on the link.

So, I googled it, sure to find SOMETHING I could go on to make it for Bunny, since I had decided upon first sight that it was a dress I MUST make for her.  

 I came up with lots and LOTS of pictures of cute Village Frocks (that is the name for it) made by many sewers who were lucky enough to get their hands on the pattern, but no pattern. 

So, I decided I'd draft my own.  I've done it before and it seemed feasible enough.  So, I sorted through all the google images I found looking at shapes and construction as I started drawing plans for my own version of the Village frock.
 It was while doing that that I discovered this, similar pattern
And I even found a tutorial--that might be helpful to someone. 

With these resources and a tutorial on making your own Bias Tape, I made Bunny her little Village Frock using fabric I'd found years ago on clearance at Walmart that I'd been dying to find a use for ever since.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.  And she got more compliments on this dress than she ever gets.  It was especially a hit at my sister's bridal shower. 


Melissa said...

Very Cute! Thanks for all the links.

Rayna McInturf said...

You are brilliant! And your dress is stunning. I'm dying to make this dress for my 2 year old, but like everyone else, I can't get the original pattern! I've got the pattern for the simply sweet frock, but unfortunately the tutorial you linked to (the German one) is no longer there. Do you have any tips for me around figuring out the sleeves? Any help would be much appreciated!