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Monday, February 7, 2011

New in the Shop

Just listed two more diapers.  I'm getting them in there slowly but surely!

 This Sunflower diaper wasn't supposed to have a royal blue inner layer--that was supposed to be hidden.  Oops! But I kinda liked the way it looked and I was too tired to rip out the stitches and start over, so here it is--accidentally. 

I particularly like this teal diaper with the orange snaps.  Such a great colorful feast for the eyes.

I'm wide awake at 5:30, which wouldn't be unusual except for the fact that I woke up at 3:30 to my daughter's vicious screams and couldn't go back to sleep, and the sour deal was sweetened by the discovery that while I slept I earned money from not one but TWO sales! I've never had two sales happen in one night.  I'm super excited because I'm saving up for a sewing machine! Actually, I've already earned enough for the machine (thanks to Etsy and my posts at Diaper Junction's the Cloth Diaper Blog) but these sales give me back some money in my account.  Yay!)

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