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Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Braids

I know this is sort of impertinent to the things I typically write about but I just had to share this:

Bunny's first braids! I feel like we just barely got her hair into ponytails and now it's suddenly long enough for braids! This is big news for me, since I'm all about doing baby girls' hair and Bunny took a LONG time to grow hair long enough to play with!  Bunny has mixed feelings about getting her hair done.  On the one hand, she's fascinated by bows, elastics, and hair ties, and on the other hand she doesn't like to sit still long enough for me to do her hair right.  In any case, it doesn't stop her from coming up to me with bows and elastics and asking persistently, "On? Pease?" 

I'm thrilled.  She's just so cute anyway, and pigtails simply augment that cuteness factor :-D

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María Xi said...

¡Qué trenzas más lindas tiene tu conejita!