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Friday, January 7, 2011

Handmade Christmas Presents: Fleece Hats for all ages

At some point in the Christmas rush I decided fleece hats would be nice gifts for some of the guys in my family.  Yes, I know guys get hats all the time, but Christmas came upon me too quickly for me to think of something more creative.  I couldn't believe it when I snagged all the fabric I used for these hats for less than one yard of it costs at regular price.  I got just under a yard of five colors! My trick?  The remnant bin which happened to be marked down a remarkable 75% as opposed to the 50% discount it normally has. 

I looked all over for hat patterns that I liked for the adults, but found none, so I made my own.  I took one of my husband's hats and cut around it, leaving about two inches of seam allowance (mostly because fleece isn't as stretchy as knit caps).  Then I cut two of these shapes for each color, sewed the each color to itself, then sewed around the bottom with the pieces inside out, then turned and top-stitched the edges.  I'm sorry, I did not take pictures of the process.  Maybe that's a tutorial I can do in the future.  Eventually, I decided the hats needed a dart down the middle, to make them fit better, so I added that as well. 

They are all reversible.  I'm pretty proud of that.  Using two layers of fleece not only makes them thicker and hides your seams, but also makes them SUPER warm!

For the children's hat, I used a pattern because the hat was for a five year old and I just don't know how big that is.  If it were for someone Bunny's size, I would have been able to make my own pattern.  I found this adorable pattern for a child's hat with the option of adding dino scales down the middle.  Since I was making it for my nephew, I thought that would be perfect.  (You can download the pattern yourself if you click on my link and then on hers).  Then, I decided to make his dinosaur a googly-eyed monster with vicious teeth and a sloppy tongue.  (I really love to applique, if you haven't figured it out already!)

This is the result of that hat:

The best part is that the hat is reversible so I used Steeler colors on the inside since his parents are huge Steeler's fans (I'm not so it pained me to do so)

I think the hats went over better than I thought they would (seeing as they're just hats and all ;-P) because of the love put into them.  That's the best thing about handmade gifts, when you give them people know that you spent all that time invested in them and so something average, like a hat, becomes special.

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