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Monday, July 26, 2010

No wipes

I was so good about packing for this trip.  I had EVERYTHING ready and waiting to go and in the car when I changed my daughter for church yesterday morning.  And then, she needed to be changed.  So I grabbed the baby wipes and a diaper from the car and changed her and then put everything back in the car--so I thought.  I did not put my big thing of cloth baby wipes in the car.  I have more than 30 with is sufficient for the two days break I take between washes.  Crap! I'm going to be gone a week with no wipes!

I think I'll be taking a trip to Wal-Mart's fabric dept. today and buying some cheap flannel.  I'd rather spend $6 on that than on a box of disposables...though I wouldn't mind having another plastic wipes container so buying sposies might almost be worth it.

So I guess I'm not sure what I"m going to do about it.  The 10 wipes I have in her travel case are doing the trick just fine right now. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New in the Shop

First of all, I'd like to preface by saying I'm sorry that my shop is all I've had time for these days. Being home for the summer you'd think I'd have more time, but with all the things my husband has committed to this summer, it's busier than during the school year.  I'm taking my 6th and final trip today.  This time it's without him--probably the first time ever and the longest we've ever been apart--because he's going on a missions trip where he'll be building houses and it just wouldn't suit to bring our little Bunny along and I don't go anywhere without her (except my PT teaching job and if I had the choice I wouldn't even do that)

In any case, this is why I've just had time to list my Etsy stuff here.  Etsy helps get the things we neeed--such as my daughter's birthday present which we just bought yesterday--SWEET!!! ...so it's kind of important that I get to it before my blog.

Anyway, I made two more fitteds and a set of cloth wipes.  I had to raise the prices on my fitteds because $7 with around a $5 profit wasn't really worth it for all the time that goes into one of these things.  I probably should raise the prices on my handknit soakers as well since each of those takes about a week to knit but I'm not ready to do that.  I'm currently contented with the profit I reap from those.  But I was talking to the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team (or reading our forum) and really, I should sell those for $35 upwards to $50 since they're handknit and not sewn--especially for the detailed applique I add to some of them.  Anyway, I won't just yet.  But the fitteds were killing me.  I have a couple left at the old prices of $7 for velcro and $7.50 for snaps and I just raised the price by $1.

They're super cute, though, so they're worth it! Check them out:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something for Mommy

This was going to be a Christmas present for someone close to me but when I tried it on I realized that, though gorgeous, it's not her style.  So my Etsy benefits from another listing--my only non-baby listing, actually. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Custom Listing

I just made the most ADORABLE pair of premie/newborn wool shorties for a customer and I'm so proud! Funny story about this, I was running out of the yarn she wanted and I didn't know if I'd have enough to finish or if I'd have to go to the yarn store and buy another skein.  I actually prayed that God would "multiply" the yarn like he did with the loaves and the fishes and with the woman in the old testament for whom he never let her oil and flour run out.  Some may think I'm crazy, but I believe in miracles and I believe that God is intimately involved in even the minute details of my life.  I just didn't want to break my budget to buy more yarn.  And guess what?  I found more of that color stuffed in the bottom of my yarn bag.  Coincidence?  You may think so, but I know it was a God thing.  Anyway, here it is:

On another note, I just listed my first thing on Ebay.  Grobaby OS just doesn't work for my daughter--we really dislike it, so we listed it! Yay!  Now, I definitely prefer Etsy's fees to Ebay's but since you can't sell used things on Etsy I'm stuck with Ebay. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

First Steps

My ten month old little Bunny just took her first steps today.  I think I'm the proudest Mommy in the world!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I decided to make something different:

If you have a newborn baby girl or one on the way, these two adorable headpieces will be so cute on her!

You can find both of these in my shop!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

FAQ: What are Pocket Diapers?

Pocket diapers are diapers that have a waterproof outer layer and usually a stay dry inner layer.  Between these two layers of fabric is a pocket into which you can insert your desired amount of absorbency.

They are a one time use diaper.  This means, that you use them once between washes.  You cannot simply replace the absorbent layer, and reuse the same shell.

Pocket diapers are simple to use in that they close with either velcro or snaps rather than snappis or pins.

They will cost you from $13 to $25 (or more) a diaper, depending upon the brand you buy.

You can buy pocket diapers in different sizes (S, M, L, etc) or in One Size fits all (really, it's one size fits most).

Over the course of your baby's diapering days you will need about 24 pocket diapers (if you use them exclusively) in each size.

Pocket diapers just happen to be my favorite type of diaper to use.  My favorite brands are Fuzzi Bunz OS pocket diapers, and Rump-a-rooz OS pocket diapers.  I also like bumGenius for new cloth diaperers and for babysitters because they're super easy to use.  If you want inexpensive pocket diapers, you will find quality diapers in the Tweedlebugs and Smartipants brands (though, there are downsides to going cheap because corners must be cut, understandeably)

If you want cheaper pocket diapers that are still quality, you can buy them directly from work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) on places like Etsy.com.  I do not sell any pocket diapers but lots of the people on the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team do.  You can find them by putting "etsyclothdiaper" in the search box.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New in my Shop: a PUL Diaper cover!!!

Someone convo'd me on my Etsy shop and requested that I include a waterproof layer in my fitted diapers because they're so cute that it's a shame to cover them up.  I'm working on that, but haven't quite perfected it yet.  However, with a little PUL (laminated polyester) and some FOE (fold over elastic found in many diaper covers) I have made a pretty awesome little diaper cover with a T shirt outer!

I'm SUPER proud of it! It's my pattern entirely and includes leg gussets and an extra flap of PUL in the tummy panel to keep leaks out and to give you a place where you can tuck your folded prefolds.  I've also included just the tiniest bit of stretch in the tummy (as well as the back and the legs) and crossover tabs to give you the best fit possible.  AND, it's wipeable.  I don't know about you, but I find diaper covers with soft inners ridiculous.  It defeats the purpose of a diaper cover to add soft fabric that will get soiled.  A diaper cover can be used over and over again, thus saving you money.  A diaper cover lined with soft fabric cannot realistically be used for multiple changes.

In addition, I've added some appliqued work to the back.  Yes, it's still made out of recycled T shirts, but I made my own design from the Tshirt scraps.

 It's my version of some worshipful Rock n Roll to fit in with the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team's theme of Rock n Roll for the month of July (every month they have a different theme--it's sorta cool!).

Right now, I just have one PUL diaper cover, sized Medium. Eventually I'll add more sizes.  Additionally, I'm working on a OS Tshirt outer diaper cover.  I made one quite successfully for my little Bunny and I"m going to make one for at least one more person to test--a friend of mine--before selling it.

Also, since my little daughter has the nickname "Bunny," I've decided to call my diapers "Bunny Tails."  I'd considered spelling it "Bunny Tales" but ultimately, decided to reference her rear end with "tails" instead.  I almost went with Cottontails, and I'm glad I didn't because there's another Etsy cloth diaper-maker with that name! I don't have a tag or anything yet denoting my "brand," but that's what they are.  They're Bunny Tails because they're for my little Bunny's "tail." Ha ha! Well, I like it anyway ;-P

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to add a new section to my shop, and a new name as well! Come check it out!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New in my Shop

Check out my Etsy shop.  I've just added three different colors of upcycled cloth baby wipes. A set of 4 for $5 (including shipping).  If you buy it with something else, shipping is only $.50.

And then I made this:
Another T shirt fitted--Medium.  This one isn't going in my shop, though it's going to Amy over at  The Cheap and Choosy.  In the next couple of months, she's going to be doing a series of giveaways and I will be giving away a fitted Tshirt in the winners choice of size and closure.  This one is just the one that I'm sending to her to review.  I'm really excited because it's going to be the very first review and giveaway of my products!!!  Anyway, if you're a fan of entering cloth diaper giveaways, go on over and follow her.  Oh, and she'll be doing a KAMSNAPS giveaway soon, and I KNOW lots of you are fans of those, so if you missed mine (or just didn't win it), that's one more reason to follow Amy! :-D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$50 percent off @ Michaels

Hey guys! I found this coupon the other day.  It's for %50 off any one item.  You can print it off as many times as you want from the same computer, too!  Since it's for one person per day, I printed out a bunch and I keep going back with my husband every day that it's offered to get things I need--mostly wool yarn to be able to make more soakers for my Etsy shop.  I don't know if there are things you need at Michaels but it's good til the 10th.  Have fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cloth diapers on Etsy

Hey guys!

I feel like I've been a bit absent again for a few days.  There is a good reason.  I was away at Creation where my daughter was learning to rock out with Christian bands like Switchfoot, David Crowder, Tenth Avenue North, and Skillet!  I know, I'm away a lot! When this summer is over, we will have gone away a total of 6 times.  That's what happens when your husband is both the youth pastor and the young adult pastor.  Lots of retreats, conferences, and missions trips :-)

Anyway, while I was in and out of my house, I was able to get more things up in my shop AND I was able to join the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team! It's pretty sweet, actually!  Check it out here.

Also, since I've been on Etsy, I've gotten a chance to really look around at what others are selling and man, guys, let me tell you, if you want to cloth diaper for less, there's nothing like buying it directly from the source! Some of these WAHMs sell their diapers for about the same as big brands like bumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz, but others sell them for half the price!

For instance, check out HippieMade.  She sells newborn AIO diapers for $7.  THat's pretty good for a diaper you might not get lots of use out of.  I'm interested in her NB AIOs because I'm always trying to fill other people's stashes.  Currently, a friend of mine is expecting and we're throwing her a baby shower and I've asked everyone to bring her a cloth diaper OR to give me the money and I'll buy them (since lots of people aren't comfortable shopping online).  I look forward to buying some of HippieMade's diapers.  They're so cute!

Then, there's Austin's Mom who has some of her pockets on sale for as low as $13!

 Bum Joy sells her pocket diapers for around $14 apiece. 

The thing about Etsy is, that if you're going there to find cloth diapers, you often come up with lots of things that may or may not be related to cloth diapers but aren't and you end up sorting through lots of other things to find only a few cloth diapers among thousands of burp cloths and bibs.  If you want to find quality cloth diapers on Etsy, just search under this tag "etsyclothdiaper" and you will find everyone who is on the team!  It's that easy!

Of course, while you're browsing Etsy, you can always check out Clothdiapermommy.  I've heard she sells her T shirt fitted diapers for $7-$8 and she has awesome knit wool soakers ;-D

So, happy Etsy shopping guys! I know you won't be disappointed with what you find :-D

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Kamsnaps Winner is...

The time has come to announce the winner of the Kamsnaps giveaway! I feel badly that it can't be all of you because everyone was so excited about this one!  However, since I could only choose just ONE winner, I let Random.org do the choosing for me and came up with comment number 38 who was:

She said...
"I entered the Etsy blanket giveaway. #2"

Congratulations, Sarah! I hope you enjoy your Kamsnaps loot! I certainly love mine!!!

Thanks to all of you who entered! You're all so great!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wake up, Daddy!

This is what we wake up to most mornings--especially if she's slept with us (which happens when she nurses in the middle of the night and I'm too tired to put her back in her crib!) Forgive the picture quality.  I captured this one with my phone.