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Monday, July 26, 2010

No wipes

I was so good about packing for this trip.  I had EVERYTHING ready and waiting to go and in the car when I changed my daughter for church yesterday morning.  And then, she needed to be changed.  So I grabbed the baby wipes and a diaper from the car and changed her and then put everything back in the car--so I thought.  I did not put my big thing of cloth baby wipes in the car.  I have more than 30 with is sufficient for the two days break I take between washes.  Crap! I'm going to be gone a week with no wipes!

I think I'll be taking a trip to Wal-Mart's fabric dept. today and buying some cheap flannel.  I'd rather spend $6 on that than on a box of disposables...though I wouldn't mind having another plastic wipes container so buying sposies might almost be worth it.

So I guess I'm not sure what I"m going to do about it.  The 10 wipes I have in her travel case are doing the trick just fine right now. 

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