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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New in my Shop: a PUL Diaper cover!!!

Someone convo'd me on my Etsy shop and requested that I include a waterproof layer in my fitted diapers because they're so cute that it's a shame to cover them up.  I'm working on that, but haven't quite perfected it yet.  However, with a little PUL (laminated polyester) and some FOE (fold over elastic found in many diaper covers) I have made a pretty awesome little diaper cover with a T shirt outer!

I'm SUPER proud of it! It's my pattern entirely and includes leg gussets and an extra flap of PUL in the tummy panel to keep leaks out and to give you a place where you can tuck your folded prefolds.  I've also included just the tiniest bit of stretch in the tummy (as well as the back and the legs) and crossover tabs to give you the best fit possible.  AND, it's wipeable.  I don't know about you, but I find diaper covers with soft inners ridiculous.  It defeats the purpose of a diaper cover to add soft fabric that will get soiled.  A diaper cover can be used over and over again, thus saving you money.  A diaper cover lined with soft fabric cannot realistically be used for multiple changes.

In addition, I've added some appliqued work to the back.  Yes, it's still made out of recycled T shirts, but I made my own design from the Tshirt scraps.

 It's my version of some worshipful Rock n Roll to fit in with the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team's theme of Rock n Roll for the month of July (every month they have a different theme--it's sorta cool!).

Right now, I just have one PUL diaper cover, sized Medium. Eventually I'll add more sizes.  Additionally, I'm working on a OS Tshirt outer diaper cover.  I made one quite successfully for my little Bunny and I"m going to make one for at least one more person to test--a friend of mine--before selling it.

Also, since my little daughter has the nickname "Bunny," I've decided to call my diapers "Bunny Tails."  I'd considered spelling it "Bunny Tales" but ultimately, decided to reference her rear end with "tails" instead.  I almost went with Cottontails, and I'm glad I didn't because there's another Etsy cloth diaper-maker with that name! I don't have a tag or anything yet denoting my "brand," but that's what they are.  They're Bunny Tails because they're for my little Bunny's "tail." Ha ha! Well, I like it anyway ;-P

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to add a new section to my shop, and a new name as well! Come check it out!


Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

OMG I love it. That is asbolutely adorable and you are so talented. You are doing an amazing job!!! Keep it up!

If you ever want someone to review one of your diapers, I would love to!

BabeeLove said...

You are so stinkin' talented. Way to go mama! I also love the name. Very fitting and cute!

saskia said...

That is a really great pul cover. Good job!

amanda said...

how cute!! i love it!!

let me know if you'd ever be interested in sponsoring a review/giveaway on my blog, i'd love to help spread the word about your shop!!

Amy Walker said...

so adorable!