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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Upcycled Toddler Dress

Way back when I saw a tutorial on a sewing blog (I'm so sorry that I don't remember where) about how to make a dress for your baby girl using one of her Daddy's discarded dress shirts. Well, since I'm somewhat of a control freak and I like to do things my own way using my own patterns (mostly so I can sell them in the future should I choose to do so) I made up my own dress pattern sort of using a dress that Bunny already owns, and used one of her Daddy's old dress shirts to make this dress:

I'm sorry about the picture quality. It was taken on my iPhone. I had every intention of taking pictures of the dress with good lighting and my SLR camera so we went to the park with that intention. Guess who'd forgotten to charge her battery???? So, here are more pictures of the dress, also taken on my iPhone. They're not the best pictures ever, but you get the idea :-D

The thing I love best about this dress is that I kept the pockets and the snaps that were on the original dress shirt (that I didn't think to take a picture of before cutting it apart) so it took me less than an hour to make a dress with gorgeous pockets and high quality snaps!

Maybe if I ever have the time, someday, I'll post a tutorial of my own.  Right now, my plate's so full that I barely have the time to blog regularly rather less post lengthy tutorials.  Ha ha!


saskia said...

it's adorable, sweet and simple looking- i like the print

Jessica said...

That's precious!

khaymax said...

That is so cute! I love it. :)