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Sunday, October 3, 2010

From my Woollie Giveaway

Here are the shorties that my woollie giveaway winner requested. I've now made two owl diapers--not of my own accord. I'll admit that owls are cute, but what's with the latest owl trend? Anyway, I did them and I'm pretty pleased with them. I had such a creative/motivational block when making these shorties. Mostly, because I was working hard at finishing birthday presents for my little Bunny and also because September was the first month back at school. In any case, a soaker that would have normally taken me a week to knit took me nearly a month and I was not pleased with myself. My winner was very gracious about the delay, though. I really hope that they are everything she wanted! I sent them out this Monday so they should have gotten to her by now :-D

Well anyway, here, for your viewing pleasure, is her pair of gender neutral, owl shorties:

1 comment:

SAPsMaMa said...

Awn they are so cute! No idea why there's an owl trend lately I've noticed that too lol. You really are very creative, I love seeing your posts of what you come up with! I shoul have you make me some wool shorties or longies or something, maybe a skirtie...I have such a difficult time making up my mind it's insane. lol. Well when things settle down a bit I'll have to contact you! :)