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Monday, August 9, 2010

I apologize

Dear Bunny Tails,
I am so sorry that my failure to do research before choosing a name for my diapers has caused you distress.  And I am sorry that I further caused stress in your life when I voiced my frustrations here with the situation that ensued.  As you may have already deduced, I think you chose an adorable name for your store and I wish you nothing but success and blessing.  Please go in peace knowing that I harbor no malice and have (and had) no intentions of marring your good name.
May God bless you with peace.
(whose diapers shall now remain nameless until sufficient research has been done ;-D)


Anonymous said...

So sorry you're going through these issues! Praying for God to bring a fabulous name to your mind that He has designed just for you!

Carly said...

Wow I think that sometimes People need to remember that we are all Human and make mistakes. I hope you find a great name for you store. I also hope that this Person realizes that you are indeed a good kind harted person who would never "steal"someones name so you could profit. Good Luck to you :) Maybe call them Bunny Love Diapers:) Since you Love your Daughter Bunny:)

Jessica said...

Wow....this must have been awful and so stressful! Mom told me something had happened when we were shopping together last weekend, and when I came here to find out what was going on, the post was gone. This is the first thing I've seen, and I'm so sorry it happened! I hope with all my heart that the original Bunny Tails lady sees your heart in your apology and knows you meant no ill will.