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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Aurora

Using one of my discarded, pink T shirts, and the fabric left over from banquet gowns I sewed for my sisters a couple of years in a row and the backing of my living room curtains, I whipped up this highly flawed Princess Aurora dress for my daughter, and then for her bathtime Aurora Barbie, I made a skirt so she can be more than a Barbie in a painted bikini.  I didn't really use a pattern for it, which is why it has flaws.  Currently, I'm working on a Cinderella dress and I'm taking lots of time to draft a pattern and test it on scrap fabric (old sheets :-P)  before sewing it into more spare banquet gown satin and another discarded Tee.  I think the Cinderella dress will be as successful as this one or more.  And, I'll have an actual pattern for it so hopefully I can share that here. 

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