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Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day

I was very surprised this morning when I went out, fully dressed and ready for work, to heat my car up to find that all surfaces were covered with a thin, slippery layer of ice.  Thanks to a thick fog that's been hovering for about 12 hours (I guess it's called freezing rain) we got ice everywhere and school was cancelled.  God knew this was an answer to prayer for my little family.  I'm only just getting over a nasty head cold that both Dave and Bunny got this morning.  I didn't want to leave my sick little family to their own devices, but honestly, getting a substitute teacher for just half a day is more hassle than it's worth so I was just hoping they would be fine.  But a snow day means that I get to stay with them, nurse them back to health, and recover a bit more myself!

Bunny's running around and playing like life's normal, but complaining here and there about a runny nose and a "yucky" stomach.  Also, she doesn't have much of an appetite.  I'm cramming liquids down her throat and she's taking them happily, thanks to her great desire to always drink from my cup with the big straw! Ha ha! This means, though, that she's peeing every hour and getting fruit snacks (the reward for peeing voluntarily that she know's she's entitled to) just as often.  That's more sugar than I would like, but today I'm not going to fight it.  She's also eaten some pretzels, but not many.  Poor little Bunny!

We're working with her on cleaning up her messes these days.  She likes to start one project and then, with the pieces of that strewn everywhere, she pulls out another, and another until my house is a maze of toys to trip on and step on.  So we're not allowing her to pull out the next toy until she's put the first away.  This usually means that halfway through the clean-up process she gains interest in playing with it again, but that's okay.

The family time of a snow day is unparalleled.  I pray for a couple every year just because it means that I'll get un-interrupted time with a family with very disperse schedules--well, Dave's and my schedules are opposite--they're not fully opposite, but mostly, when I'm home with Noelle, he's working, and vice versa.

But today, we're home together-sick, but together, and I'm happy with that.  Content.

Dave got a second job, too.  I don't know if you read my last post, but his full time job at the church had to be cut to part time for financial reasons and we've really been trusting God about giving us a job.  Actually, this job came almost immediately after the news, but we didn't settle down into trusting that it was the job for us until recently.  It's a job that will pay Dave ONLY with commission and so it's risky.  But we fell that Jesus is calling us, like Peter, to walk on the water and trust him.  If the storms come we only need to look to Him and we won't sink.  With this whole, frustrating situation, we've found that as we let go of circumstances that weren't really under our control in the first place, God gives us amazing peace! In two weeks Dave will no longer receive the paycheck from the church that we need to support us and he has yet to actually start his second job and we should be worried but we're not because God has promised provision and we are at peace with that.  Let me tell you, this is an amazing place to rest--trusting in God and His provision rather than in your own, futile attempts to provide and/or control a situation.  When this "storm" hit and we were thrown into the decision of either trusting and finding peace, or freaking out and finding...well... stress and worry, we decided to trust and found ourselves so close to the Lord's bosom that I almost wished we could be in the midst of a storm and/or fiery trial all the time just to be so close to my God, and in such a sweet place of rest near his heart!  Weird, I know.  Anyway, that's were things are with us...a place of resting in the Lord because He knows our future, and we don't, and we've given him the reins of our hearts and our lives.

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