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Friday, June 10, 2011

Time Flying...or is it Dragging

Today is my last day of school.  My students finished on Wednesday but yesterday and today were/are teacher work days.  Let me just say how much I anticipate being home ALL SUMMER LONG! I would be a stay at home mom if I could, but I can't, so working part time is the next best thing.  But I'm so tired of making my poor little Bunny cry for me as I leave every morning to go to work.  It just rips my heart out! She's such a Mommy's girl, and I think my having to work five mornings a week makes that worse in that she clings to me when I'm here because she's always afraid I'm going to leave her.  And the mornings are the worst! She watches me make the coffee and shower, and dress, and she knows what's happening so she begs for a snuggle and tries to nurse all morning.  I indulge her as much as I can but then crunch time hits--the time when I should have been out the door five minutes ago and I haven't combed my hair or found my shoes yet--and I literally have to peel her off of me and give her to her Daddy kicking and screaming.  It's heart breaking.  I hate it.  And today, is the last day for three months that I'll have to do it.

This summer, we have minimal plans and I'm so relieved! Last summer, we went on six, yes SIX, long trips so we were only home like three weeks total.  EW!  This summer, it's down to three trips.  We're taking my husband's youth group to Creation, we're going on a low key, relaxing vacation for five days at a retreat center, and then our church denomination has a 10 day long camp meeting that is equally relaxing, and also less than an hour from our house.  We're actually going to stay at the camp all week long because my husband is the young adult coordinator for it, but it's nice to know that if I need to be home for one reason for another, I can just drive home. (And yes, I'll be taking and handwashing flats to all three of those events!)  Other than that, we're home.  Home! That's only 3 of 8-10 weeks of vacation (I haven't counted) that we're away.  I'm so happy!  If it were up to me, we might never leave the house at all!

And with that said, I have to go and get ready for work now--for my last day of work! And it's going to be a short one too--breakfast with the faculty at a local restaurant for some fun activities and I'm home free!!! *Sighs happily*

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