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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so tired!

I think I was crazy when I decided to do a handmade Christmas AND still take a couple of custom orders.  Christmas is nearly here and I have only half of my presents made.  I'm going out of my mind JUST A LITTLE BIT! That, and the fact that my daughter has had hand foot and mouth disease, croup, an ear infection, and then a full body rash/reaction to either her vaccines or her antibiotics (and we're pretty sure we narrowed it down to the latter).  I'm so tired.  I want to just focus on Christ and what he did when he sacrificed his divinity to become human for us, but I'm too busy knitting stuffed frogs, sewing fleece hats, and mixing bath salts.  This is not what Christmas is about.  Next year, I'll go back to what I did last year and simply order all my gifts online.  It was wonderful! No Christmas shopping to dampen my spirits, and no wasting time away from my daughter bent over a sewing machine.  That, or I'm going to start making my Christmas gifts for next year in January!

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