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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Sick Day

I haven't meant to be so absent from my blog, but for the past two weeks, someone has been sick in my family.  Never more than one of us at the same time, but if one of us gets better, then another gets sick--sometimes again--so I've been duly exhausted. 

When it was my turn to get sick at the beginning of this week, my husband sweetly stayed home with me and did his work from home so that I could just lounge and rest and he could run after Bunny if she needed assistance.  It worked out well, since I was better the next day (just in time to take care of a virus Bunny caught).

But Bunny loves me.  She wants to inhabit the same space that I inhabit at all times if possible.  I wanted to be able to interact with her, but I just couldn't chase her around the house or play blocks with her so we pulled up some Sesame Street Clips from youtube and this is how she watched them with me.  Later on, she put her whole body up on top of my chest so that my head was between her legs.  That's when I called in the big guns--AKA Daddy--and he rescued me from my smelly plight! Ha ha!

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