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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Princesses and my Prince

I have a new blog which will be explained below.  Here's the URL: http://makingallthings.blogspot.com/

The web address sort of ties into my Etsy shop's address: http://www.etsy.com/shop/makingallthingsnew which is named in such a way first of all because I like to make things, second of all because I like to make new things out of old things, and third of all because Jesus Christ is always making new things out of my mess.  So, in case you don't feel like reading any further, that's the long and short of it.  

Here's more of the story, though:

I can't believe how I've neglected this blog! It started of course when school began back in August and then culminated when I got pregnant (yay--big news!) and became terribly ill with what many call hyperemesis gravidarum--a quite severe form of morning sickness that calls for lots of medicine and trips to the hospital. 

Once I got pregnant, I suddenly felt the need to streamline things a bit and start yet another blog.  Nothing is really different on the blog other than the fact that the address and the title match and they also match my Etsy shop name and URL.  That makes me happy.  When I made this blog it was really just a way to put all my cloth diaper entries away from my real blog and then I sort of became cloth diaper obsessed and, well, I haven't been so obsessed since my daughter Bunny potty trained, though it's starting to come back as I round my fifth month of pregnancy with my second child--a boy (hence my Prince in the title). 

In addition to my really awesome news about the baby boy gestating inside my womb, I have some lesser news: a couple new dollies have been added to my shop including two Princesses: Snow White and Ariel.  My daughter loves them both and it's only through repetition and the practice of not receiving all of Mommy's handmade things that she's okay with them going to Etsy rather than to her.

Check them out!