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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Freezer Jam

A month ago, I found a ridiculously awesome deal on blueberries at our local bent and dent store.  They were $.69 a pint.  Yeah, I know.  Ridiculous.  

I've recently switched to as much whole food in our diet as I can manage without killing myself.  We've replaced refined sugars with things like maple syrup, agave, honey, and sucanat.  We've switched to all whole grain, and we're eating organic as much as possible.  Also, we do as much home made as I can manage so as to avoid preservatives and unnecessary chemicals in our food.  

Enter, my blueberries and the desire to make a whole food jam.  My dear friend recently brought me over some of her strawberry freezer jam made with apple juice and honey instead of sugar and it was great!  So, when I bought the blueberries, I decided to try it.  

So, I bought like 8 pints, maybe even more of these very cheap berries, and went to work following this recipe.  

I shared some and froze the rest and we'll have home made, preservative free blueberry jam for the remainder of the year.  SCORE!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New in my Shop: A Green Monster

I made a new toy for my shop! He's a cutie and my 2 1/2 year old daughter, who does watch Smallville, named him Zod, though I don't think she realizes the Superman reference.  I love him because he's long, and lanky with poseable arms and a goofy smile. He even gives hugs!

 Bunny is jealous because she thinks some kid gets Etsy gets all the best of her Mommy's creations so the moment I showed him to her she declared simply, "I want a blue one."  She'll get one sometime today, probably.  :-D  Without further ado, here he is.  If you like him, he's only $15.50 which is cheaper than most other monster plushies of this caliber and relative size on Etsy.