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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mike Wazowski Costume Instructions

As of Christmas time, and because of a game played with some older cousins, Bunny has really been into monsters.  I've tried to curb it, and downplay it, but imagining monsters is something that scares her, but something she really loves as well, so I've decided to embrace it and make it as positive as possible for her.
A couple of months back I made her a plush monster named Rosita who was a bedtime favorite for awhile.  Then, she really REALLY got into the monsters game, a game I guess she made up where she and anyone who will play it with her hide for monsters for hours and hours on end.  And she imagines all sorts of monsters and she describes them for you.  She hides from them, and yet she loves them and gets mad at you if you blow them away or banish them from the house. 

So, then we went to the library and got half a dozen monster books.  We read them and read them and read them until it was time to bring them back.

I've been making her lots of princess costumes lately (because if you know anything about my Bunny, you know that she is obsessed with every and any Disney princess), and it occurred to me that maybe she'd equally enjoy a monster costume.  I decided to go with the iconic Mike Wazowski cyclops for two reasons 1) I didn't want to have to invent my own, and 2) a one eyed monster with no nose is pretty easy to replicate! Now, Bunny hasn't seen Monsters Inc. yet, but when she does, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see good ole Mike, now that she has his costume.

I looked online for a costume in the shape of a pea or a pumpkin, but had little luck finding one with an actual pattern.  I did fine this from Martha Stewart, but the instructions were no longer online.  I also found a video with instructions to this pattern, and sorta copied the shape I saw in the video after watching only about a minute.  The main idea of this costume is to make it out of a pillowcase, but I just used a pillowcase as a starting off point to get the correct dimensions, and then added the leg and arm holes I saw in Martha's version my own way since hers had no instructions.  So, without further ado, here it is: The Mike Wazowski costume with a few tips on making your own.

If your child is between 1 and 4 years old, you can start with a pillowcase.  I placed bunny on a pillow case, and made cuts for the arms and the legs where hers lay.  Then, I cut the length of the pillowcase appropriately and used it to make my pattern.  This is what I came up with (pardon the mess on the floor of my craft room).  You want it longer and wider than your child, but not so long that it hangs around his/her knees.  Also, you're going to put elastics in the leg holes to make it just snug enough to stay up around the top of the thighs, but not so snug that it digs in painfully.  The top will also have an enclosed elastic.  It will be loose enough or stretchy enough that your child can put the costume on through the neck hole, but not so large that it falls down around the shoulders.  Basically, you want the costume to look like a big, fluffy grape/raisin.

I cut two of these pieces.  Then I made my appliqué pieces.  I'm sorry, I don't have a pattern.  I usually just eye things up on google images and cut them out.  Sew your appliqué pieces with a slight zig zag stitch.  Fleece doesn't fray so you don't need to turn the edges, and it's nice and full so your stitches will stay mostly buried.

Next, sew both of the large pieces together.  Sew at the sides (leaving the arms open) and then between the legs.

Now, add the elastic.  Around the legs, use a 1/4 elastic.  Zig zag stitch this elastic into place (stretching it as you go), leaving about 1/4 of fabric on the edge.  Then, fold the edge over and hem the legs.

For the top elastic at the neck, I made a sleeve/pocket to slide the elastic through and slid an 1 wide elastic through, sewing it together and then closing up the sleeve.

For the sleeves of the monster suit, I cut two long rectangles the length of the circumference of her arm (well, wider than that, actually, it was the length I wanted the arm hole to be), sewed it into a circle, folded it in half and added it to the sleeve holes.  Because of the nature of fleece, the length of the sleeve doesn't have to be the same as the sleeve hole because you can stretch it to fit, but it should be close or smaller.  I like a smaller sleeve works well because it cinches it in a bit.

  The final effect was lovely!  AND quick and easy.  I ended up with a 2T-3T dress up costume (We don't really do Halloween) so my daughter can enjoy playing the monster game that she loves so much.

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